Grease Trap 101

New to restaurant management and maintenance or just need a refresher about how to stay clog-free and in compliance? Burns Septic TLC can help, with scheduled maintenance and some basics of how grease traps should work. Let us help you keep the doors open to customers.
Learn Grease Trap/Interceptor Basics ...

Customers Say...

"We love Burns Septic! They handle the grease trap service at 15 locations throughout Maryland and Virginia....[and] emergency service requests at the drop of a hat. They let me know how my traps are doing and recommend if we need to change things. I can't say enough good things about them."
- B. Hudgins, Dir. of Maintenance, Chicken Out Rotisserie
Family Owned & Operated Since 1978

Established in 1978, Burns Septic Tank & Line Cleaning remains family owned and operated to provide you with trusted, personal service. By localizing our services, we are able to offer very reasonable rates while offering a wide range of solutions to keep your septic and grease trap systems running. We provide prompt, reliable emergency services 24/7, including fast and efficient drain line jetting.

Whether you require residential septic services and information or our commercial restaurant services, you benefit from our knowledge and experience with county regulations and best practices for maintaining systems at maximum efficiency. Our fleet includes three vaccum trucks, two tractor-trailer vacuum trucks, a low-profile mini-vacuum truck for low-clearance jobs, and a portable jetter. Every Burns Septic vehicle is equipped with high-power jetters for the most efficient clearing and cleaning of drain lines.

Residential Services

We service residential septic systems throughout Anne Arundel, Carroll, Baltimore, Frederick, Harford, Howard, and Montgomery counties. Our maintenance service is second to none (at least that's what our customers say), and we'll gladly provide honest, straightforward estimates for free for any repairs you may need.

New to Septic Services or Have Questions?

Check out our frequent questions about Septic Services or Septic 101 for all the information you need. Then get in touch to schedule an appointment.

Commercial Services

Restaurant operators know that poor grease trap maintenance and practices mean closed doors, no customers, and lost revenue. Burns Septic TLC reliably maintains restaurant grease traps and interceptors for a host of clients throughout Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia, providing prompt 24-hour emergency services if needed. Our well-equipped fleet of trucks (all equipped with mounted jetters) allows us to service you quickly without interruption of your busy schedule. Let us help keep the doors open, so you can focus on the customers!

Wondering How Grease Traps Work?

Check out our frequent questions about Grease Traps & Drain-Line Jetting or Grease Trap 101 for all the information you need. Then contact Burns Septic to schedule an appointment.

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