Grease Trap 101

New to restaurant management and maintenance or just need a refresher about how to stay clog-free and in compliance? Burns Septic TLC can help, with scheduled maintenance and some basics of how grease traps should work. Let us help you keep the doors open to customers.
Learn Grease Trap/Interceptor Basics ...

Customers Say...

"Excellent service and always on time [servicing 11 locations in VA] grease trap cleaning I have seen in 37 years of working with food service equipment!"
- C. Conley, Sodexo

Frequently Asked Questions

The staff of Burns Septic, TLC prides itself on informing our customers as well as servicing their equipment. Browse through our menu of frequently asked questions to become better informed about our services and what you can do to minimize repairs and emergencies!

Residential Services

Questions about our Septic Maintenance and Repair Services...

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Commercial Services

Questions about our commercial/industrial drain-line jetting and grease-trap services...

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