Jetted Your Drain Line Lately?

Failure to regularly jet your drain lines will eventually result in a backup emergency. Burns Septic TLC provides scheduled maintenance to help reduce backups as well as 24-hour emergency jetting service throughout Maryland, Northern VA and Southern PA. All Burns Septic trucks feature mounted jetters for the fastest possible resolution to costly clogs and backups.  
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Customers Say...

"Burns Septic has been servicing our location every two months since 2002. I never have to worry about them showing up and doing a thorough job....They're very reliable and I have been very satisfied. I haven't hesitated in giving their name out."
- K. Day, The Greene Turtle, Annapolis, MD

Commercial Services

Questions about our commercial/industrial drain-line jetting and grease-trap services...

A few days after I’ve had my grease trap cleaned, I've looked in it and it's full, why?
Are grease trap and line cleaning the same thing?
Do you collect the fryer (recyclable) grease from the containers?
Do you do other types of work besides cleaning grease traps and septic tanks?
How can I get a service quote?
How can I get rid of the odor/smell of the grease trap?
How does a grease trap work?
How much do you charge for a grease trap clean-out?
How often should I be getting a grease trap cleaned?
My grease trap is overflowing, why?

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